Natural and Healthful Life

How to Live a Natural and Healthful Life

Today’s world is chaotic and busy. But that doesn’t mean we can’t take the time to make our daily living as healthful as possible. Here are some small things you can do to have a more natural and balanced life, even on a tight schedule or budget.

1. Relax. Whether it’s five minutes of deep breathing or making the time for a favorite hobby, relaxation is the most important step toward total wellness. We are not designed for prolonged, excessive stress. It compromises our immune systems, tampers with our emotional centers, and exacerbates our illnesses. Our bodies need down time. So, however you can manage it, it is imperative to take time for yourself and relax.

2. Eat well, and often. Give your body the best possible fuel for the best possible performance. Our moods, energy levels, and internal functions are dependent on a steady blood sugar level. 4-5 small daily meals provide this constancy, as opposed to three large, spaced-out meals. Also, a diet filled with a variety of colorful vegetables and fruits, whole grains, and lean proteins, is the most natural and satisfying diet for the human body.

3. Stay positive. An optimistic outlook can make all the difference in your physical and emotional well-being. Make a mental list every morning of all of the positive things in your life, including even the smallest points. Reflect on them throughout the day.

4. Stay close to nature. As human beings, connecting to nature makes us feel whole and satisfied. So plant a garden, find a favorite park, or take up hiking. The closer you feel to the natural world, the better you will identify with your own natural needs.

Benefits of Healthy Life

Benefits of Healthy Life

Life is the period you stay alive as a human being and health is the quality of your living. Life cannot be lived to its fullest until you have health therefore it is safe to say that life needs health to be perfect. This is the reason that everyone stresses health. A healthy life do not comes on its own. Like everything in life, health has to be achieved by struggling against the forces which want you to become unhealthy. We must learn to say yes to the factors that will lead us to live a health life and no to those factors which will do the opposite.

There are some common factors which are thought to make your life healthier. One of them is your diet. It is advised that you should never skip your breakfast. People who eat breakfast regularly take in more vitamins and nutrients and also have leaner bodies. Eating breakfast also reduces the chances of you over-eating. Adding seafood to your diet is another stressed point because seafood does not contains saturated fats and is a natural store of proteins. Getting enough sleep is also recommended and an adult should sleep no less than seven hours daily to stay healthy. Staying social also helps to meet the human need of social interaction and a sense of belonging.

Exercising is a must-do for everyone. It ensures that your body stays physically fit and it keeps you psychologically sound. People who exercise have less chance of developing diabetes mellitus, high blood pressure and cancer. We should also go to the dentist at least after every six months to keep our teeth fine. Good teeth mean that you chew your food well which helps to release more nutrients in the digestive system. Protecting your skin is another thing we should do. As long as your skin stays healthy you look and feel good. Wearing sunscreen and avoiding the sun during midday are two ways you can care for your skin. Adding natural ingredients like fruit and vegetables to your diet also prolongs your life. Natural foods contain a store of energy, vitamins and detoxifying agents that keep our body healthy.

Health Life Style

Health Life Style with Heart and Feeling

If you are an academician, your brain and smart is first place because your brain needs to think and find phenomena on your research and engineering. In a laboratory, you will always conduct some research with some axiom and you must think what you do. Your feel is not need to use in this case. Therefore, you brain always work to think about your research and engineering.

However, if you are in everyday life, you will do your life activity as repeat activities. You will not use your brain because, your activities is repeated action. For example, ride you car, ride your bike, meet with your friend, meet with your colleagues, meet with your family etc. Moreover, if you are a teacher, you will not hard to think about lesson materials to give in your class because this is repeated action everyday. So, what you think? It is easy, it?s not it?.

Your brain can tired because it is need energy when brain use to think something. Your energy can low when long time in using and need to recharge. How recharge your energy especially for brain? You need enough rest and enough food nutrients. Some time you will consume brain nutrient capsule to improve your brain. Brain is contain cells to build our brain and can use to think. These cells can old and die so it is needs replacing with good cells.

Therefore, it is time to replace your brain with your heart. Do not use your brain everyday, but use your feel and heart everyday. Exception, if you are in learning and studying new one, then you must your brain. However, if you are conducting every activity as repeated action, then use your feel and heart. Your activities as repeated action had thinking before in first time.

You can train your feel and heart to replace or to make brain in rest condition. Below some step to do that:

? Better if you conduct meditation especially dragon meditation that mention in my e-book.

? Feel your everyday life activities. Keep positive thinking and do not afraid about anything

? Feel your activities like ride, read, eat, drink, sport, work, speak etc

? Feel your happy, pain, tired, breath, etc. It is will made improvement of your feeling and it is will replace brain with your feeling.

? Do not think if you have problem but feel it. If you can feel it, then your brain will rest and after that, your brain will think of your problem.

? Trust me, many success people because ability of feeling management with every people including with self.

? Your feeling and feel is first step to emotional quotient (EQ). If you can feel your self then you will can feel everybody and can relation to them with proper action too.

Healthy Life

Change Your Ways to Have a Healthy Life

There are many health related challenges that the current generation is facing. Most of these are created due to unhealthy diet and sedentary lifestyles that have become the norm. Facilities have had an ill effect on the general way of life and instead of helping people get more active, they have caused them to lose any real physical activity. Obesity is at an all-time high which is the gateway to more dangerous health issues such as high blood pressure and diabetes. There is a great emphasis on the need to improve health conditions, by weight loss, in order to have a better quality as well as quantity of life.

To lose weight, one needs to understand its importance. It creates health problems for a person both in the short and the long term. A person who is overweight or obese cannot properly do most physical activities that are normal for a person such as running, lifting weights and doing normal chores around the house. There is always an element of tiredness and fatigue that is associated with such work and it is very annoying.

The way to move forward is to lose weight and keep it that way. It is easier said than done but it is very much possible. All it takes is a lot of commitment and perseverance towards your goal. A healthy routine needs to be followed to ensure that a health is gained back.

There is a great need of a healthy diet to make sure that a person feels better and improves his or her health. Add more vegetables and fruits in your diet as they give more energy and lesser amounts of calories. They also contain loads of nutrition. The dietary fibers are bonuses which are very important for proper digestion.

Drink a lot of water as it cleanses the body from inside and keeps a person fresh. Avoid unhealthy foods such as sodas and too many carbohydrates. While the carbs are a part of the human requirement and should be consumed in moderation, sodas are not. These are blank calories that only damage a person’s pancreas. Do make sure that you add some fat in your food but avoid trans fats altogether.

Doing some exercise everyday is quite essential. It is recommended that you walk a few thousand steps everyday to make sure that you have good health. It is not a bad idea to meet a professional trainer in this regard who can help you with a regular exercise plan that meets your needs. Research has shown that moderate exercise everyday actually helps in giving longevity to life.

There is a great need of changing the lifestyle in general. One cannot just sit around and not move and still have good health. It is best that a person does not sit idle for more than half an hour and even if the activity done is to grab a glass of water from the kitchen, it is a worthwhile effort. There are many small yet significant activities that can be done. Make sure that you park the car a little farther from the destination to catch up on a few paces of walk, take the stairs rather than the elevator and walk to the nearby restaurant rather than taking your ride along during lunch break.

Improve Your Health

Improve Your Health Through Writing

The journal of the American Medical Association has proven that when we write about our more stressful or displeasing events of our life it can help to reduce many of our health problems. These symptoms can include asthma and rheumatoid arthritis in patients who are critically ill.

Scientific research has proved that patients that were suffering from asthma who wrote about their upsetting incidents had shown a 19% improvement in the functioning of their lungs. Patients of rheumatoid arthritis had decreased their symptoms by 28%.

These results show a link between mental and physical health. It has not been confirmed how much improvement can be made through writing, but one thing clear is that it can result in an improvement to our health conditions to a great extent.

A psychologist and researcher, James Pennebaker from the University of Texas at Austin has proved that developing the habit of writing and journaling can make our immune cells (T- lyphocytes) strong, this can then improve our physical health to a wide extent.

A nurse coordinator named Louise Moran has discussed a serious patient who was critically ill daily wrote emails to her friends and family and told them about her illness. It not became a healing process for her but also strengthen her communication skills.

Another case of a women who started journaling after her breast cancer lead an improved health life. We can conclude that journaling can strengthen our immune system causing benefits to our health.

This is yet another case of a woman who started journaling after learning she had breast cancer. The writing again helped lead to an improved health life.